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Hi! My name is Mateusz. I am developing modern websites based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies.

I started my career as a Web Content Editor at one of Warsaw's interactive corporations. This position enabled me to participate in many interesting projects/campaigns conducted for various clients from the Polish and foreign markets. I had the pleasure to meet interesting people and learn a lot.

At the moment, I am looking for a permanent or a remote work, depending on client needs. If you are interested in cooperation contact me!

and contact

and qualities

  • Accurate
  • Responsible
  • Honest
  • Individual
  • Forward
  • I share knowledge
  • I can search
  • I accept criticism
  • I focus on goals
  • I work in a team and communicates


  • 10.2015 - Currently

    Individual education

    Learning of issues connecting to widely comprehended concepts of front-end and web design.

  • 09.2012 - Currently

    Education: Higher

    Engineering studies at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, a field of study: Informatics, specialization: Computer Systems.

  • 09.2009 - 06.2012

    Education: Secondary

    Completion of education at the Maria Sadzewiczowa High School in Łochów on a mathematical-informatic profile.

and courses

  • 01.2017 - Currently

    Front-End Developer / Freelancer

    Short-term job orders to be completed remotely.
  • 04.2016 - 01.2017

    Web Content Editor in K2 Internet S.A.

    My main responsibilities included serving various content management systems on the Web, creating a campaign/product pages, landing page, and mailings, as well as automating work using js/nodejs scripts on server/client side.

  • 30.11.2015 - 18.12.2015

    Office worker / Apprentice in GUS

    Student practice takes place in the Central Statistical Office in Warsaw, activities: tester of an internal training system for GUS employees with access to the Moodle cms.

  • 02.11.2015 - 27.11.2015

    Office worker in Advocate Office

    Contract employment at the Advocate Office, activities performed: office work.

  • 10.2015 - Currently

    Learning projects

    Made and shared projects within learning different technologies. I encourage you to visit my Github.
  • 10.2015 - Currently

    Online courses

    Completion of a large number of online courses in the field of HTML5, Pug, JSON, CSS3, Less, Sass, Bootstrap, Materialize, Foundation, RWD, JS, ES6, jQuery, AngularJS, AJAX, Angular Material, NodeJS, NPM, Bower, Gulp, MongoDB, Mongoose, PHP, WordPress, MySql, Git and Photoshop.

and technologies

Selected skills and technologies which I use in my projects on a daily basis.

  • HTML5
  • Pug
  • JSON
  • CSS3
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap
  • RWD
  • JavaScript
  • ES6
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • AJAX
  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • Bower
  • Gulp
  • WordPress
  • Git
  • Photoshop


Check out what I can offer you.


Projects created by me, independently as well as in the group.

Website logo -

Website project,
my business card on the net.

HD APP - Logo

Helpdesk - Aplikacja internetowa

Project related to Test-driven
development technique.

Colors - Restful API - NodeJS & ExpressJS

Restful API - NodeJS & ExpressJS

Project provides a well-configured
server environment.

Smogly project/website logo -

Smogly Data Visualizer

Project created during
hackaton Zdrowieton.js.


If you have any questions please contact me.

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